Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Where Zoe Hangs Out

One of the first comments I received when I started this blog was surprise that I even had the time to write the blog. Well, I’ve been working on this latest entry for about four days. I seem to get only a few uninterrupted minutes at a time. This in combination with my sieve-like memory often means that I lose track of what I was trying to say. This is especially true for those “funny” entries. I find that either the sentence I wrote three hours earlier is no longer funny, or I forget where I was going with it. Why’d the chicken cross the road? You tell me because I sure as heck can’t remember.

It’s not that Zoe is going, going, and going all the time. In fact she sleeps more than the cats. However, she does like to be held, more so when she’s sleeping than when she is awake. When she’s sleeping we are rarely able to put her down. I will have her over my shoulder (her favorite spot), hanging limp as a banana peal (rag is so overused), stomping about. But the second we put her down she begins her protracted stretching, arching grunting, squeaking, twisting journey to waking up. And of course she wakes up crying. So, I am typing this one handed, standing in the kitchen, counter—the only place tall enough to type standing up and still be able to see the screen without my glasses—while Zoe is asleep over my shoulder. So long lower back. It was good to know you.

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