Sunday, September 2, 2007

Zoe Index

As Zoe approaches her sixth month birthday, in five days, I thought for a change of pace I would just post a few statistics correlating to those first six months.

153: The number of hours spent taking her photograph.
145: Number of those hours trying to get her to smile for the camera.

918: Number of hours spent on the nipple
5: Number of hours Dad spent on the nipple during the same five-month span one year earlier.

1: The number of times a cat was thrown up on.
130: The number of times one of Zoe’s parents were thrown up on.

1,224: Number of diapers used.
60: The percentage of diapers soiled in the first ten minutes of receiving a fresh diaper.

1: The number of nights Zoe has slept through the night.
1: The number of nights Mom and Dad has slept through the night.

79: The percentage of cloths that are hand-me-downs.
20: The percentage that were received as gifts.

25: The number of times Harry the cat has brought a live creature into Zoe’s room in the middle of the night.
25: The times Dad has had to chase a creature around her room while trying not to wake Zoe.
1: The number of times Mom has stepped on a creature Harry has brought into the house.

18: The number of ounces Zoe drinks from a bottle during an average day while Mom is at work.

0: The number of baby’s cuter than Zoe.

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