Sunday, December 28, 2008

Getting Caught Up, Part I

It’s been a dog year since my last post, and if you remember my last entry I pounded out something at the last minute. So, what’s going on that I suddenly don’t seem to have the time to write? It can’t be her sleep schedule, which has actually improved dramatically in the last few weeks. And it can’t be the number of big projects in the works in anticipation of Number Two’s April arrival, since I have always had ongoing projects. But rather than dwell on the sad shape of this blog I will quickly move on to Part I of my Life with Zoe getting-us-caught-up blog.

This year for Hanukkah / Christmas Alison and I made an attempt to prevent our carbon footprint from expanding (although conversely we did little to bolster the sagging economy). In our efforts for a greener gift-giving holiday we did not overwhelm Zoe with gifts. She received a Sit’N Spin, which we purchased used on Craigslist. Almost immediately I rechristened it the Stand’N Fall. We also dusted off a Little People zoo and farm that we had received second-hand. It had been cornered away in the garage for over a year, and except for a couple of missing parts turned out to be in almost new condition. I expect to be tripping on little people for the next few years. She received a tea set made of 100% post consumer recycled material, and is fully recyclable at the end of its life. More on Zoe’s increasing understanding of make-believe in my next blog. She did get a few less than earth-friendly do-dads, but overall Alison and I can give ourselves big haughty pats on the back for saving the planet (or at least not adding to its destruction)

Zoe started a gymnastics class a few weeks ago. There are about ten kids Zoe’s age and one instructor. Let’s just say that Zoe will not be ready for the Olympics anytime soon. However, one exercise she did learn was a trampoline move called a seat drop, in which one lands in a seated position with the legs straight. Being the proud papa, I will brag that Zoe seems to be—and please, parents, correct me if I am wrong—the only child in the class coordinated enough to leap up and throw both of her legs out in front of her. However, she has taken this beyond the class. I have seen her perform this move at the top of the slide before catapulting herself down. She will automatically do this very time she is on the couch or on a bed. And when I am stretched out on my stomach on the floor and she is balancing on my back she will often perform this trick just to hear the whoosh of air escaping from her flattened father.

Part II of my Life with Zoe getting-us-caught-up blog will follow shortly, so check back soon.

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