Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas Vacation

Sung to the tune ofWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps

We’re heading to Big Sur as soon as she wakes up
While Ma-in-law soundly sleeps
I walk on the floor and I step on a Cheerio
Still Ma-in-law soundly sleeps
It’s Christmas day morning the presents are piled high
We’re waiting to open them
But we’ll have to wait more.

It’s just 6:00 AM Cal’s been up since 4:30
While Ma-in-law soundly sleeps
Now Zoe’s awake and we’re all getting grumpy
Still Ma-in-law soundly sleeps
I drive Cal down the coast it’s amazing
Too bad it’s completely pitch black
I return after one hour
But now he’s sleeping in back.

Two days in a row now that no one is sleeping
While Ma-in-law soundly sleeps
I need coffee...
Still Ma-in-law soundly sleeps.

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